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Recent Updates April 2013

Over 30 new crossword puzzles added.
New "US Crosswords" by Brendan Emmett Quigley top USA crossword puzzle creator.
New "No Hints" section for a real challenge

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Testimonials / What Our Customers Say

  • I really love doing crosswords in my spare time. I tried the Lite version and was so impressed I bought the full version, that rarely ever happens! Loving the idea of easy, medium and hard puzzles, so I can choose which puzzle depending on the amount of time I have free. Loads of different puzzles and tons of help if you get stuck. Excellent app
  • Superb concept with the themed crossword puzzles. Please create more asap as I cannot get enough of them.
  • Great crosswords, great interface. Really like the extended way you do some of the clues, you can really learn some useful facts at the same time. Would recommend to everyone who likes crosswords.
  • Bought the full version after trying the Lite Version. Money well spent!